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Stratosphere, Good thing we build, end up building us. We create spaces that respond to emotional, economical and environmental needs. Established in India, We are a team of multidisciplinary, multicultural and multidimensional, professional who are united by our aim to create sustainable, lovable, functional and safe building


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You don’t always dedicate your time to living inside a building, you wish to come out and explore the vast space that doesn’t have a roof over your head. The voice of landscape architecture lies in the secret desires everyone of us have. Our dream outdoor spaces aren’t dreams anymore. We can sketch, design and create them for you. From outdoor structures, plantscapes, furniture and sit-outs to sports and recreational spaces, we indulge in different kinds of landscape architecture. Our dedicated team of workers can help in aligning these designs in unity with nature. Based on your requirements and parameters, we can showcase to you different elements that can be a part of your set-up.


Before setting up a landscape, we clearly define its purpose. Depending on the usage we will take into consideration facts like wind direction, water flow, sunshine, shade, soil type in case of planting zones and other control points. We then decide a theme that will unify the landscape and help us select the right materials to be used. We try to complement the theme to the indoor structure that will be closer to it or a part of it.

If you want softer lines and a natural feel, we can do it. If you want it to be centred around a single color, we can do it. If you want create openings in your landscape, we can do that too. We always for resource-efficient plants and environmentally sustainable hardscapes.