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Energy And Power Auditing

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As part of business support service, auditing for internal purpose to ascertain, the key factors like

Energy consumption audit and analysis:

Energy resource utilization should be to its fullest and any wastage of such resource is being deducted and measured to rectify or improvise the same in suggested.

Thermograph audit:

To check the temperature of the building from the warmest spot to coolest temperature using cameras and videos is being done. The purpose behind this to check insulation required to control the temperature in the spot. Internal and external aspects are being checked to ensure changes required are being taken care of.

Transformer testing:

Before the implementation of transformers, few tests are being done by manufacturer and customer. Tests for customers is being done to check if the results arriving meet the customer requirement. Some tests like pre-commissioning are also undertaken as part of routine check-up to check the general parameters.

Annual maintenance contract:

As part of client support, annual maintenance for all electrical related equipment like AC, Computers, electronic gadgets used by the company, external equipment like generators are being checked and any rectification or replacement is being carried out.

Energy saving projects:

As part of saving the resources available and utilizing them to best of its ability by minimizing the wastage or nil wastage is the prime goal here. Using low power consumption lights and other sources of power and energy is being implemented.