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Electrical management

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Electrical installations and services is our key area of expertise. We have staffs who offer insights on various technical aspects and related solutions. Our services include:

Transformer installation and service:

For every transformer installed guidelines and procedures EC (Electrical code). For a proper transformer to function without any hassle, the ground path flow of current is being secured. Any electrical connection runs n the form circle, circuit, to have secure normal current load. The jumpers and related derivations is being connected properly to ensure smooth flow of current in normal and overload mode.  This is the utmost priority in installation as failure to do so can result in shock issues. Proper service maintenance of the circuit wiring is being done.

DG Preventive Maintenance such that A-Check / B-Check /C-Check/D-Check and rectify the issues.

For infrastructures like hospitals, companies’ etc continuous power supply s of utmost importance. Failure of powers can result in effective loses. To ensure this DG maintenance o periodic basis is being carried out. The Generators if not visited properly can lead to failure of batteries and huge cost involvement to rectify. This scenario is being avoided while regular maintenance is being done through the services offered.

LT & HT Panel Installation.

When 2 or more units work simultaneously, the load of the current must be equally distributed so that on failure of one the other starts automatically. It is very important aspect of power distributions, the load being equal. Modern methods is being followed like automatic power control panels, PLC, relay control etc that ensures safety installation of LT and HT.

Electrical Materials Supply for All Electrical Works.

Using highly tested electrical materials for clean connections, that has passed the standard guidelines is being supplied to vendors hugely in construction of projects that are commercially important like education institutions, hospitals etc.

Lighting Arrester Installation.

A proper ground system that ensures proper flow of current is important. Mainly the flow of current due to overload can cause voltage fluctuations. High fluctuation scan lead to improper functioning of electronic devices. This criterion is being avoided through proper lightening arrester which checks the flow of current.

Battery Banks Installation / Maintenance.

Batteries are the lifeline of many electronic devices. They are the main source of power source in case of normal power failure. The batteries supply power to generators with help of constant fuel. Wiring placement, periodic battery capacity check up is important in huge organizations where power pays pivotal role.

Earth Pit Construction / Re conditioning.

For healthy pit construction, the pit should maintain neatly with sufficient space for outlets and space between the pit and outlet. For commercial buildings, the pit should be at least from the building foundations. This is the standard procedure adhered to.

Energy Meter Installation & Service.

Energy consumption is generally high in industrial areas and companies. The set of guidelines is being followed on using the energy meter installation and service. This is very important service as it provides the base of assuming current consumption and possible.