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Civil Management

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Talking of civil project, they are relatively different from other general construction types. The aspect of planning and development take a new shape and many factors is being considered by design engineers.

With a team of civil projects experts, the projects ventured so far have been successful like:

Platform Construction for Towers / LT & HT Panel / DG .

Consumer requirement being the main factor, sub factors that determine construction of towers, panels and DG platforms are many. The current scenario in market, aesthetics, manpower, energy consumption are few accompanying factors. With increase of high rise buildings, the norms is being followed to the word. The safety being watchword, protection against fire and light, placing sub stations, proper usage of electronic components, modernity in products usage is being taken care of.

Foundation Construction for All Towers.

Any building needs to have strong foundation. The perfect mixture of raw materials will ensure strong foundation. The level may vary though depending on the project. The technical aspects like choosing the right type of foundations, soil intensity, proper earthing for shock resistance etc are being looked upon through proper testing and guidelines.

Maintenance Service related Civil Works.

For every civil project a check list with common points and specific project points are being written. It is important to ensure proper maintenance of such projects on regular basis like various aspects, materials used, electrical supplements used, proper working of the tools and equipments, regular check up of generators and other operational platforms etc.

Tower Erection

A different approach is being taken in tower construction as the purpose is different. Depending on the purpose of tower erection and geographic conditions the type and platform of elevation level is being designed.

Alteration Works

A change in the functional aspect of the project completed or revamp of any other existing project is being done. Planning for efficient replacement and alterations by adapting simplest measures is being done. for eg: an issue in the general lift in hospitals is being checked and required changes take place.

All Other Civil Projects

There are many faces to when spoke of civil projects. The planning and designing is entirely different and it requires intense looking into measurements and various details as they are high budget oriented. Undertaking such challenges and overcoming the hurdles is the current success story. Completed projects acts as the examples of this.